The moon connection project

This is my first attempt on making a 3d printed moon and letting the light shine brighter the closer you get to it. This moon is part of a 2 model set that are connected together with the use of internet. Both of the moons are powered by a small computer (Arduino's) where they can communicate to each other with.

So the closer you get to one moon the brighter the other one shines and vise versa. If both people are close to their moons, the light will shine on its brightest. That way you would feel connected to each other even tho you are not at all close to one another.
From coming up with a design to a fully working installation in only 1 week was a big challenge, but the end result makes me more than happy!
I did this project together with the help of Werc collective in 2023

Laser cutting the base

3d printing the moon

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